12 ideas that you should avoid on how remain poor

12 ideas that you should avoid on how remain poor
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  1. Never wake up early…Keep stretching & turning in bed until you get too hungry to continue dozing. If there are no bedbugs, why hurry to get up?
  2. Never plan how to spend your money. Whenever you get money, start spending it right away and when it’s finished, you try to count and recall how you spent it.
  3. Don’t think of saving until you have real big money. How can you save when you earn so little? Those telling you to save are not sympathetic to your burning needs.
  4. Don’t engage in activities usually reserved for the “uneducated “. How can you a graduate engage in petty trade or home based production?? That’s for people who never went to school.
  5. Don’t think of starting a business until an Angel comes from heaven & give you capital..How do they expect you to invest before you get millions?
    Even though more than half the businesses in your town were started with a few hundreds, you as a smart person can only start with millions.
  6. Complain about everything except your own attitude; blame the system, the government and the banks that refuse to lend you money. They are all bad & do not want you to get rich.
  7. Spend more than you earn. To achieve this, buy consumer products on credit & keep borrowing from friends & employers.
  8. Compete in dressing. Make sure you wear the latest clothes among all workers in your office. Whenever your neighbour buys a new phone, you get one that is more expensive.
  9. Get yourself a nice second hand car that costs more than three times your gross monthly pay.
  10. Give your children everything they ask for since you’re such a loving parent. They should not struggle for anything because you do not want them to suffer. That way, they will grow up lazy & hence poor enough to ensure they can’t help you in your later years.
  11. Work harder on your job (job is journey of the boss) than you work on yourself.
  12. Pretend to be busy, clever, wise and serious such that when one shows you a business opportunity outclass him with your reasons like, this cant work, this is risky, am busy, am not interested, am tall, am short, am young, am not ready,

Or even assume that you did not see any invitation to attend the a wealth builders and financial management workshops.
You will successfully be poor and timely pass poverty to your fourth generation.

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