20 Money making ideas

20 Money making ideas

Different types of ideas have always rapidly come to my mind on a daily basis since my mind started its normal functions. The ideas are too many for me to keep a record of all them.  In my journey of making money,   I have   faced a challenge of selecting good and viable ideas for implementation from the so many that come to my mind.  Earlier on in my life I deployed an approach of implementing as many ideas that came   to my mind with a hope of landing on good money making ideas. I was swayed around by every idea and I failed with every idea I implemented but I did not give up. Overtime I came to realise that not all money ideas that came to my mind were viable. Majority were not good at all.  Through reading so many books on how to succeed in life I learnt how to choose ideas for implementation that were in line with my strengths and I also developed a success formula (http://muhaise.com/6-steps-achieve-success-2/) to guide in my journey of money making.   I also came to appreciate that success in money making very much depended on my attitude towards money making. I developed a firm positive attitude towards money making. With my positive mindset I have tended to attract more valuable ideas to my mind and reduced on the many useless ones. Therefore before you begin your journey of money making you first have to program your mind to be in a positive state towards money making.

With the above in mind, I have the following list of ideas mainly applicable in Africa to help you in coming up with your own money making ideas that will make a difference in life;

  1. Seed production in the areas of farming, forestry , animals and fisheries
  2. Business in mobilising savings and extending credit  both in urban and   rural areas
  3. Artisan and skills training centre
  4. Value addition on produce from farming, forestry , animals and fisheries activities;
  5. Trade in real estate
  6. Trade in selected merchandise
  7. Forest farming
  8. Bee keeping
  9. Backyard farming for home and commercial purposes
  10. Developing online business
  11. Investing in capital market securities
  12. Building rental property
  13. Starting nursery and primary schools
  14. Children leadership and other practical skills training
  15. Developing model farm for transferring practical skills
  16. Cage and pond fish farming
  17. Creating private recreation centres
  18. Paper production
  19. State of the art medical diagnostic centres
  20. Establishing money making incubation centres

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John Muhaise-Bikalemesa (JMB), is the founder of Muhaise.com blog and bigdrumassociates.com company. Learn more about him here and connect with him on his social medias below

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