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The journey of money making starts with ideas that come to our mind on a regular basis.  I am sure you already know that not all ideas that come to our mind have the potential of making money. We can only make money when we implement ideas that are profitable. Unfortunately in our daily life we all tend to face the challenge of separating viable ideas from the many that are not viable. Many of us therefore end up wasting our time and scarce resources in implementing ideas that are not viable.  The purpose of this blog therefore is to help you in lighting your candle so that you can easily identify viable money making ideas for   implementation without wasting so much time and resources. Through the blog we also bring to attention innovative ideas that will enhance your capacity of money making.

Our vision

To help people in lighting their candle so that they can embark on their money making journey.

Our values

We are guided by the following values;

Sharing:  We are committed in sharing knowledge and information with others;

Inspire:  We help others in lighting their candle to enable them see viable money making ideas;

Innovation: We aim at enhancing your innovativeness in money making; and

Positive:  We are approach all challenges in life with a positive mindset.

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