Basis of selecting your best money making ideas

Basis of selecting your best money making ideas

In life you will face a challenge in selecting the best money making business ideas as many money making ideas continuously come to your mind. You cannot implement all ideas that come to your mind. There is therefore a need to select good practical and viable ideas for consideration. There is no clear cut method for selecting practical and viable ideas. You have to consider a number of factors including the following;

Talents in business

You can only succeed in implementing business ideas where you have natural talents. It will be quite challenging for you to run a restaurant if you are not talented and interested in cooking and serving others. For sure you will not succeed if you hate cooking and serving others.


Your mindset towards business plays a key role. Some people just hate the idea of being in business on their own because of the many risks involved. Others think that business is for those that have nothing better to do and so. Therefore to succeed in business you must have a positive mindset towards business. Do not waste your time in business if you mindset towards business is negative. It is possible however to reprogram your mindset to the required positive mode.

Set up capital

There is some minimum capital that will be required to start you business. Do not consider capital intensive business ideas unless you have a source of cheap capital.

Like the idea

I have also found in practice you cannot succeed in implementing an idea even if you are talented in it unless you like or love the idea. You enhance your chances of succeeding if you implement an idea that you like and you are talented in.

Easy business

The business idea must be very easy to implement. Business with complicated processes should not be pursued unless you have some special talent in a selected area.

Niche market

Your business idea should serve a part of the market that is currently poorly served by other suppliers. You must have the competence to serve the niche market.

Creativity and innovativeness

Success in business is about being more creative and innovative than the competition in efficiently providing goods and services that more than satisfy the needs of the customers.


Long term viability

Some business ideas have every short life span and may not provide you with long term profitability. You have therefore to know the viable life span of various ideas before you implement them.

Capacity to build relationship with potential customers

People venture into business in order to make money through providing goods and services to the customers. Therefore customers are very important in any business venture and without them a business cannot survive.

Working capital

The working capital is the life blood of any business.  The business should have adequate working capital to enable it meet its day to day operations.


You must have the capacity to ascertain the level of competition in your chosen market to enable you to prepare for it. You have to be ahead of the competition if you to make some reasonable profits.

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