Landing on business ideas

How does someone land on a good business idea? The process of landing on a good business idea is not by chance but is a deliberate effort by the individual to search for them. The process can either be easier or difficult depending on how is one’s mindset is focused on business. I have always got good business ideas when my mindset is focused on looking for ideas that can help me in achieving my mission in life.  In practice I have used the following approaches to attract   good business ideas.

Business mindset

In order to attract good   business ideas you should focused your mindset on identifying business ideas that you can be exploited for your financial benefit. You should be a personal with a business mindset that knows the purpose of business is to make money. A personal with a business mindset tends to be more strategic about his actions.

Listening to people’s challenges

Many people do not like listening to people’s challenges or problems because the challenges remind them of a world full of problems. Some people prefer to run away from problems instead of trying to overcome them. But you should not forget that business is about implementing solutions that will help others overcome their challenges. You can only come up with an effective solution to a challenge if you have carefully listened to people’s challenges.


I have discovered and learnt a lot through travelling around the world. I have been exposed to readymade solutions that can be applied to solve the many challenges in my home country or continent. In solving challenges we do not have to invent a new wheel but we can use available solutions to overcome our   challenges. Through travelling our mind is exposed to the bigger picture of the world economy.


I have used my innovative or inventive mind to discover ideas that I can exploite in order to make some money. Many people do not succeed in business because they do not put their innovative mind at work. They tend to take copy other people’s ideas without localizing them to their situation. You do not have to invent a wheel in most cases but you should come up with better products and services using available solutions that effectively meet needs of the current and potential customers.


You have to focus your mind on coming up with unique or unparalleled ways of satisfying current and potential demand.  The unique ways should be far superior to those used by the competition.

Sharing with other people

I have shared my business ideas with people so that they can use them to overcome their challenges without expecting a financial gain. In return other people have also shared their ideas with me. At the end of the day I end up getting more ideas from people than I have shared with them. For example if I share one idea with 30 people, I will tend to get at least 30 different ideas from them in return.


Landing on or coming up with good business ideas is a deliberate effort by those whose mindset is focused on making money through business. You have to look for business ideas using different approaches. Business ideas for sure will not find you in your comfort zone.

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