Your money making formula

Your money making formula

Money making is a journey which many successful people have made before you in order to achieve their mission in life.  Therefore you are neither the first nor the last in making money as millions and millions of people have done so before. There is therefore a lot you can learn from them.  Money making on a sustainable basis is deliberate effort and one must appreciate the   fundamentals in money making before embarking on the money making journey. The money making fundamentals are contained in what I call The Success Formula. The Success Formula includes the following;

Positive mindset

We are faced with various life situations at every moment of our life. You can decide to take either a positive or negative approach to the various life situations. You can only achieve your mission if you approach the various life situations with a positive attitude. The positive attitude will   enable you to overcome the various challenges in life. A pessimistic or negative attitude or approach will simply block your mind from overcoming the challenges of life


You must have a clear purpose in your mind of why you want to make money.  Many people fail to make money because they lack a clear purpose or mission in their mind.


You cannot move from your current world to a money making world unless you have a plan or map to guide you as you move along. It is impossible to reach your destination unless you have a clear effective plan in your mind.


I have met a number of people who neither believe in themselves nor in the Master of Destiny that they have the capacity to make money that they require to meet their missions in life. For sure you cannot succeed in making money unless you have a strong belief in your capacity to make money. Your chances are further enhanced if you also believe in the Creator of the Universe who has made all resources available for you to use in making money. Ungrateful people rarely succeed in making money.


You may know clearly your current poor situation and what you need to do to come out of the situation in order to start making money. Nothing will happen unless you take action to move from current situation to a situation that will enable you to make money. Wishful thinking alone will not help you at all.

Check Points

I imagine travelling on a highway without any checkpoints is extremely dangerous as you may never reach your destination. In life we tend to make so many mistakes that require correction. You will never discover your mistakes unless you subject yourself to check points in your life. Therefore the plan to guide you towards the money making world should have provision or checkpoints to enable you review your progress.  The review enables you to energise yourself before you continue with the journey.

I wish the best in your money making journey.

Author: John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited

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John Muhaise-Bikalemesa (JMB), is the founder of blog and company. Learn more about him here and connect with him on his social medias below

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